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Yearbooks Online


Display your school yearbook online


Every school has a booklet, brochure, magazine, newsletter, annual report or yearbook that’s not being fully utilised. With our new online conversion software, we can take every issue you have ever produced and turn it into a fully responsive interactive version.
We have studios across the country that can offer outstanding design, web and print solutions as well as this amazing conversion.

Our software works with a host of publishers and printers. It empowers companies, organisations and schools to create mobile-first digital publishing experiences that engage and convert.


Touch Interactivity

Your publications are interactive for mobile. Hyperlinks and phone numbers are activated for touch.


Embed a message from the Principal to the students, or the students to themselves and their friends!
Click here to see an example from Laurie Evans College.

Social Media

This is a great way to share your school’s yearbook. Imagine a parent having the ability to share their child’s school photo on Facebook.

See it for yourself


We’ve worked with schools before to convert their yearbooks online. Click here to see a real life example from Kaitaia College.