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Graphic Design



 Graphic design is a complex subject and guaranteed to create debate




Design is all about individual opinion. In many ways though, that's what makes design interesting and fun. Each studio around New Zealand employs at least one graphic designer. That's at least 30 creatives nationally ready to bring their own personality and nuances to your project.



Website Design

Our team of web developers and designers know how to create beautiful websites. We understand how visitors move through a site, where key messages should appear and how to deliver an on-screen customer journey. One of our designers will create a website design for you and then once approved, we'll make sure that design translates straight through into an effective website.

Branding has a locally owned studio, branding and marketing team near you. We're on your doorstep, so let's get together and talk about your brand - we'll bring the coffee, you bring the questions.

We probably already know who you are because we're just down the road, but let's make sure everyone else knows your brand, in an instant.



Tips & Tricks



Yearbook Template

Want to design and print your own school yearbook but not sure where to begin? Don't worry we've created a "Cover" and a "Text" template for you using Adobe InDesign.

All you need to do is open them up and drop in the text and images that you want displayed in your yearbook. Yes you get to do the fun stuff and not worry about the rest!

Remember we are here to help so please don't hesitate to contact your local studio if you have any questions or need advice.

Text Template


Set up at A4 size with 40 pages (20 leaves of paper)
We’ve set margins 15mm from the outside edges and 20mm from the inside edges to ensure it will visually print correctly – try not to put text outside of these margins but images are fine
There is a quiet zone set 4mm from the outside edges and 7mm from the inside edges this means there should be absolutely NO text past this point
We have included 5mm bleed and crop marks so it’s all ready to print!

Cover Template


Set up at A4 size with a 3mm spine (this will be bound like a standard book)
The spine is set up to have 40 x A4 pages (which is 20 leaves of paper)
We have included 5mm bleed* and crop marks* so it's all ready to print!

* What is bleed?
* What are crop marks?
* What is a quiet zone?

Creating layouts, margins and grids


Creating your margins and grids is the first step towards creating a professional looking, consistent document. Learn more about setting up your InDesign Layout.

Using Master Pages in InDesign


Master Pages are an excellent way to apply a certain style or layout to any number of pages at once, without having to go through and change them each separately. This is a great tool for applying columns, page numbers, watermarks and more. Learn More

How to Use Character Styles and Paragraph Styles in Adobe InDesign


Paragraph styles along with character styles are a great, easy way to ensure your publication has a customisable and consistent style. If you are unfamiliar with paragraph styles, read more here.

Managing linked and embedded graphics


When you place a graphic, you see a screen-resolution version of the file in the layout so that you can view and position it. However the actual graphic file may be either linked or embedded.To learn the difference and what this means for your document set up,  read more.

See Yearbook Examples

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